Does Your Organization Have
FACT Based Answers To The Key CEO Questions?

Layers of Strategy Implementation
The CEO’s Questions

What businesses should we be in?
How do we finance our growth ?
How do we provide value?
How should we grow our businesses?
Which businesses should we exit?
How should each business be positioned?
How should we set prices and distribute our
Who and what are threats and how do we
address them?
What is the best way to take advantage of
synergies between businesses?
How do we meet our customer's needs?
How can costs be reduced?
What is the best way to finance the business?
What technology & systems are needed?
What metrics should we use?
What is the ideal organizational structure?
What skills and capabilities are needed?
How do we motivate & retain employees?
How do we align our executives with the
  overall business strategy?
MCA’s Advisors
Have The Experience And Business Knowledge You Need
To Accelerate The CEO’s Initiatives From Ideas To Reality.

When The CEO Questions are proactively managed, the understanding of the interconnection between the 3C’s quickens the company’s ability to adapt to economic, competitive, market, and internal changes. Too many executives become fixated on a strategic plan, which has become outdated due to a change in the economic environment or one of the links in the 3 C’s (your company’s capabilities, the competition, and your customer’s needs). We have found the C-level executive’s ability to continually create value and maintain competitive advantages is truly a function of their ability to understand the evolving answers to the CEO questions. It is this understanding which provides leaders with the ability to make the minor adjustments to the strategic direction of the firm on a continual basis so the chances of a major restructuring or significant downtrend are no longer major concerns. MCA’s advisors partner with you to develop, modify, and implement the CEO’s strategies within an accelerated time frame with focused resources and our unique facilitated approach.
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