As a C-level executive you most likely are monitoring the allocation of resources/capital to improve your competitive advantage and achieve your objectives so your leadership directly impacts the company’s value.  
  MCA’s Advisors partner with leadership teams from Fortune 500, High Growth, Middle Market, and Privately Owned companies to continually assess the merits of their growth strategy.  
  What is the best growth approach given our firm’s capabilities, customer needs, and competitive environment?
  Should we grow organically, by acquisition, or by a combination of the two?
  Do we own businesses, products, or licenses, which should be divested?
  MCA’s advisors have extensive experience working with institutional investors and they work with your team to maximize your advantages in a buy or sell situation.  
  We work with you to …..  
Perform Due Diligence & Valuation
Acquire & Sell Businesses, Products, And Licenses
Negotiate Deal Terms
Manage Deal Team
Prepare Businesses For Sale (Including Estimating Value)
Identify & Approach Potential Buyers
Negotiate Deal Terms
Manage Deal Team
Develop Business Plans & Private Placement Memorandums
Create New Ventures (From Company Formation To Implementation Of The Operating Model)
Structure & Identify Capital Sources
Serve As Interim Executives